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Let it Glow! XL Glow knobs for INON strobes
Published at 2016-06-23 10:12:38
Meet our Glow in the dark ànd extra large Control Knob for INON Z-240 and D-2000 strobes ! A must-have upgrade for every underwater photographer using an INON Z-240 or D-2000 strobe.

This special control knob introduces a long wanted start and end-position on the EV controller switch. Now you can easily determine the power setting without looking at the strobe.

This extra large control knob is very comfortable to operate even when wearing thick diving gloves. Because of the speciale shape you can even feel the direction of the knob!

Light emitting, Glow in the dark, edition. Perfect for night dives.
Shine your dive light on the knob and it will glow for minutes!

This knob can be used on the Main Mode Switch and on the EV Controller switch.

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Glow INON knob