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Diving or snorkeling with an underwater camera ? Turn your Nikon, Canon , Olympus, Sony or Panasonic camera into an underwater camera ! The American manufacturer Ikelite produces sturdy housings with a maximum depth of 60 meters. Ultra compact housings for small digital cameras and advanced underwater housings for SLR cameras. The underwater housings contain electronics to external stobes to be able to use your flash automatic / TTL.
Also available: Ikelite handles , trays, arms , external flashes , lamps and all kinds of accessories.

NEW: Ikelite housing for Canon EOS 80D

published at 2016-06-22 20:15:55
Ikelite turns your Canon EOS 80D into an underwatercamera! Now there is a waterproof housing available for the 80D. This white housing has a depth rating of 60 m (200ft) and comes with the tray and handle. ... More
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