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Dome Diffuser Pro for INON Z-240 / D-2000 strobe

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Professional dome shaped diffuser for super wide coverage and optimal soft and even lighting. Newest edition featuring special diffuser material with an extremely high efficiency.

Dome Diffuser Pro for INON Z-240 / D-2000 strobe

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This dome shaped diffuser for the INON Z240 and INON D2000 strobes, greatly improves the coverage and makes the lighting much more soft and even.
The Dome Diffuser minimizes the differences in light-intensity throughout the image creating a more even, soft and beautiful lighting of your underwater images.

The Dome Diffuser Pro uses a semi-transparent material especially developed for strobe usages. This material is a perfect balance between diffusion and transparancy resulting in a much higher efficiency compared to the first generation Dome Diffusers.

The strong body makes mouting the diffuser easy and safe. The Dome Diffuser is securely locked into position by the 2 thumbscrews.

Underwaterphotographers not only report a more beautiful lighting but also reduced backscatter on their images!


On the photos below, the lighting improvement by the Dome Diffuser Pro is clearly visible.

Strobe native lighting
Improved lighting with Dome Diffuser Pro
Dome diffuser Pro sample - native Dome diffuser Pro sample - native

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